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Letter — Good governance matters

I am writing to clarify a few points in the article “Solar controversy continues” published Oct. 1. I am the CEO of SolUnesco, the Randolph ... Read more

Opinion — John Day Jr.: One of the founding colonists of Liberia

What if you were a people who were brought to this country, through no fault of your own, and were told to go back to ... Read more

Opinion — Creating paths for opportunity

The United States has been called a land of opportunity, a place where all people have the chance to increase their income, improve their circumstances ... Read more

Opinion — The ABCs of schooling

Once upon a time, families sent their children to school to learn the basics of education. We called that the ABCs, but the goal was ... Read more

Opinion — A champion reformer for mental health

We have begun to erase the stigma in this country about mental illness. It should have never been a stigma concerning this disease. One woman ... Read more

Opinion — Why policing matters

When we drive a little fast and see blue lights, it is easy to question why we have so many police officers. However, that is ... Read more

Opinion — A visionary artist of the Harlem Renaissance

From time to time I keep coming back to the Harlem Renaissance in my research. We know that it was a time of African American ... Read more

Opinion — Understanding small business and inflation

Last week, I wrote regarding the dilemma created in the business world driven by COVID, the fear of COVID and the government’s mishandled responses. A ... Read more

Opinion — In service to her community

You learn something everyday, especially when you are studying history. What you thought you knew is changed due to a new perspective. Georgia Ann Robinson ... Read more

Opinion — Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Take a look at your surroundings. Are you inside your home, office or classroom? Are you at a coffee shop? Perhaps you are in a ... Read more

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