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COLUMN — Opioid Grant Act passes House unanimously

I am proud to announce that earlier this week, my original bill, H.R. 2466, the State Opioid Grant Authorization Act of 2020, passed the House of Representatives with unanimous support. ... Read more

COLUMN — My biggest Thanksgiving fails

One Thanksgiving Day when I was a tiny kid, I was sitting in the kitchen watching my Mom and my Nana put the final touches ... Read more

COLUMN — Blessings and opportunities abound

This holiday season for most, if not all of us, looks different this year. I am mindful that along with challenges come blessings and opportunities. ... Read more

LETTER — No reason to approve solar projects quickly

To The Editor: Thank you to Mr. Hodsoll, CEO of SolUnesco, who wrote in The Charlotte Gazette (November 11), about his solar company informing the ... Read more

COLUMN — In praise of Thanksgiving

We skip over Thanksgiving, I think you know it’s true. After Halloween, we jump straight to Christmas. Slow down. We need to give thanks for ... Read more

COLUMN — Light, bright, almost but not white

Got a fire in my belly and I must tell it. Passionate anger inside of my belly has been my reaction to the way that ... Read more

COLUMN — A taste of no broadband

It was encouraging to hear in the last week or so from county administrators in central Virginia that expanding broadband in their respective counties was ... Read more

COLUMN — November is a great time for a gratitude challenge

In 2015, National Day Calendar established November as National Gratitude Month in the United States and Canada. The designation had been advocated by Stacey Grewal, ... Read more

COLUMN — Working to keep promises to veterans

Last week, we paused to pay special tribute to all the brave men and women who serve our country and risk their lives to keep ... Read more

LETTER — Questions answered about solar farms

To The Editor: As developer of the proposed Randolph Solar project here in Charlotte County, I would like to answer some questions raised in a ... Read more

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