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Beta Club receives honor

The Randolph-Henry High School Beta Club received the National Beta School of Distinction Honor for the 2020-2021 school year. Beta Club is a national service ... Read more

OPINION — Jemison helped pave a way to the stars

Space, the final frontier. These words were never more true than for Mae Jemison. I’m amazed at the boundless energy this woman has. Her versatility ... Read more

OPINION — We must reverse the trend of violent crime in Virginia

The lead story of the May 16 Gazette Virginian was a murdered teen shot to death. Same newspaper, next edition, the lead story was a ... Read more

OPINION — Inflation is quickly becoming a problem

In previous weeks, I warned you that the policy of the administrations in Richmond and Washington would result in inflation. To the surprise of many, ... Read more

OPINION — Navajo code talkers helped win the wars

Do you know what a code talker is? If it wasn’t for the 2002 movie “Windtalkers” starring Nicholas Cage, Christian Slater and Adam Beach I ... Read more

OPINION — Get vaccinated and get free stuff

Typically, it does not pay to procrastinate, but when it comes to getting a COVID-19 vaccination, it seems the longer you hold out the sweeter ... Read more

OPINION — We must work to restore our nation’s work ethic

As acid corrodes aluminum, once it starts it gets worse faster and faster. We are watching this happen before our eyes. The headline in the ... Read more

A lesson in food preparation

On Thursday, May 6, a collaborative lesson took place at Randolph-Henry High School between Laur Warren’s Spanish students and Chef John Engelhorn.  Students learned how ... Read more

EDITORIAL — We need a strong, effective Crossroads organization

The board of directors for Crossroads Community Services Board did the right thing in voting to make a change for a new executive director. Since ... Read more

LETTER — We need a more reliable power provider

To the Editor: The cooperative electric utilities have been a godsend to rural communities in America when few other private sector companies would serve because ... Read more

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